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senator gram and others want to go after someone, they should go after me. >> immigration reform, the president promised to have legislation headed for congress, soon. >> we need to seize the moment. and my expectation is that we get the bill into congress. >> our political analyst believes republicans will give on that issue as well. >> i think they're determined not to follow the path to oblivion to, find a position starting to bring backh xt the support they thought was essential to the republican party. >> aside from president there is another news conference in washington, d.c. today. nancy pelosi called to announce whether or not they asked to have a house at 6:00. >> thank you.
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now, here stocks plummeting today, dow fell 185 points nasdaq lost 37 points. >> mark matthews mentioned a moment ago, san francisco congress woman announced she wants to stay on at as house minority leader, she'll explain the role women will play in guiding american politics in the years ahead. >> where does that burden fall? >> governor brown looking for answers after meeting with members of the committee on finance today. that meeting at ucsf focused on budgets for next school year and for the first time, in a long time, no students protested today's meeting.ylbm >> the state massive deficit is shrinking. this is according to a report out today from the legislative analyst saying california faces a $1.9 billion deficit,
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smaller than in recent years and way below $13 billion projected gap. the report attributes in part to cuts and a temporary tax as proved by voters closing the gap somewhat here. the report forecasts a possibility of surpluses as early as 2014. >> there was intimatent power in san francisco city hall, the fire department says the sprinkler system kicked in and did it's job at the offices that are closed today fchl a few hearings had to be cancelled at the last minute. >> i'm here fr a hearing. you know? some tree trimming. >> have you heard anything about third and fourth floors not open today. >> no. just heard it from you. >> city hall evacuated including several hundred reception in the rotunda.
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on by tonight. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> a deal to hire local workers is now in place in the proposed warriors areen yachl at agreement by the city, the team and groups guarantees 25% of those hired to build arena will be san francisco residents. proponents say it will create 4300 new jobs located at piers po, 32 south of the bay bridge, open by the 2017 and 18 nba season. >> crews are taking steps right now in daily city to ensure safety of this neighborhoodoyb overcome by mud yesterday after a water pipe rupture. >> the concern now is rain in the forecast. amy hollyfield is looking to see what is being done. crews switched from response to recovery mode and want to secure this park and hillside before rain arrives this week.
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>> residents are putting trust in workers. >> i think if there is anything about the indegree fwrity of the hill we need to be worried about, they would tell us. so we're assume things are safe, for now. >> man yuel roamero lives in the house closest to the hillside when a pipe ruptured. 45,000 gallons of water and mud came roaring into the neighborhood, barely missing the home. >> with this sun, we saw a huge gash on the hillside. that is the first time that i realized how lucky we were. >> people are worried about homes and neighborhood. >> i am concern btd park. we had a beautiful park here, i'm hoping they're going to be able to work on it. >> workers will put hey bales
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touring the upcoming storm. storm drains to make sure that the rains can handle rain they plan to divert away from the hillside. and to shove some of the dirt back into the hill. >> i'm confident we're going to get work done.;)iç >> would you sleep here? >> would i? yes. >> evenáú@ñ when rains come? >> yes. >> you feel good? >> yes. i do. >> they do think there will be temporary solutions in place. and they'll start looking at permanent solutions for the park. >> police are looking for v&vrfñ armed robber, releasing surveillance photos today. he entered a bus and demanded money from employee that grabbed the weapon and a brief struggle followed. the would be robber ran off with no money or merchandise. if you recognize the man you're asked to call 911. >> police looking for ai=yñ prowler who pulled a knife on
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two women last night in san rafael. they say he may have been badly cut in the fight described as a thin hispanic male in his early 20s. >> investigators trying to determine the cause of this predawn fire,g.ñ a ba at that timin chief says it broke out in the attic of a home and spread to the first floor. the residents made it out of the burning house, one firefighter suffered a minor injury to the arm. >> right now, boats are out. it's just a matter of time before the first crabs come into fisherman's wharf. the crabbers will get $3 a pound and are glad to be working. >> market price set for the
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first time in years, we're happy uk expect the first crab on the menu by tomorrow evening. >> an unusual lawsuit filed in federal court today. nudists say their civil rights are about to be violated. >> it's not every day, you can see nudists marching down the streets of san francisco. they were heading to the federal court to file what action lawsuit against ax8oñ proposed nudity ban in the city. >> civil rights issue and it's worth fighting for our civil rights. >> supervisor scott weiner proposed the measure because he believes naked guys have taken over a plaza. that made him the target of the lawsuit in that rally at city hall. >> we're here today in response to fundamental freed ym.
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>> nudist as loued on the nudity here, is outlawed. no one crossed that line. the board votes next week on what, for more than one reason is being called weiner bill. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> skiers and snowboarders hitting slopes this afternoon. a total of six resorts will be ready for business this weekend. the season beginning earlier than a traditional opening thanks to cold temperatures and last week's snow. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 you'll hear from skiers in a live report. >> driving down embarcadero today, last thing you'd be thinking about is snow. it's warm ask sunny. >> yes. unusually warm out there now. >> mild today. very pleasant day. you can see on live doppler 7, aiu$[÷ cloud-free day, clouds of
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shore that will start to push in during overnight hours into tomorrow. right now looking at lovely mild almost spring like edition. 68 degrees in san francisco. 72 across the bay and oakland. we've got mid to upper 70s, 60s other in other locations up to about 70s in mountain view. forecast features, this is a forecast this evening, mainly clear skies. temperatures ranging from upper 40s to around 60. will cool down a little bit more overnight. partly cloudy skies. high clouds and mild with highs ranging from low 60s to upper 60s inland weechl got wet weather coming our way. i'll give you a look at that later. >> thank you. >> still head on abc 7 news, what it is doing that could kick out thousands.
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>> a new app designed to make the most out of your shopping trip and throughout the holidays. >> and michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them here live later, you can contact michael on finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney. >> our first check of traffic this afternoon. and san ÷ francisco skyway is bumper to bumper. a gruesome sight if you're in this every afternoon, i feel for you.
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face book looking to get rid of false profiles threaten the basic premise of the social network. the man in charge of the company security says an auto mated system is in place to purge fake likes. company has from 150 to 300 employees working to stop fraud. >> some investors going more optimistic about facebook profits. the social networking giant now wants to help you find a job.+s>1÷ good afternoon, lots of facebook news to tell you about. stocks soaring as the largest number flooded into the markets. shares closing up more than 12%. this is with 804 million new shares available for trading.
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this is the day many employees were allowed to sell stocks since the company went public. it's been reported they did sell some as well. there are still two more lock up expierations coming up but neither is as big as7]a today. stock still town about 41 since ipo but there appears to be plenty of evidence some are starting to go a little bit better. stock plunging today of pan dora after katy perry, for example sign aid letter kbrofting the internet radio fairness act. the bill aims to cut royalty payments in half for music played on pan dora and other digital providers. new figures out on the smart phone market.
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your bloomberg silicon valley index closing qlor as well. apple and intel all driving that index down. i told you there is a lot of
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news about facebook today. the social networking giants to do more to connect you to your friends and potential employers. it is rolling out an app connecting people looking for job was openings andy recruiters. facebook moves sent shares of linkedn lower, i'm nicole lapin with bloomberg west. >> economy is picking up whit cups to holiday hiring. a survey shows 48% of retail man fwerz plan to hire more seasonal workers than last year. companies up like this job fair sponsor bid abc. employers from snappel to management services were there, advertising jobs. >> it's been increased amount of activities. it's the holiday season.ab1t
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and affects retail business. >> we're wrapping up to recruit more folks. there is going to be an increase in jobs. >> the fares are a good opportunity to have an expert critiquer1fyñ and refine resume. for more information you can go to our web site. >> we're enjoying warmth before the storm. >> spencer is here. >> how many days do we have? >> well... one? >> yes. yes. >> that would be not much. >> it's not going to get nasty. rain arrives early friday. and lovely conditions and mainly blue skies and broken high cloud or areas around. clear skies that is also evident looking at live doppler 7 hd. those are clouds off shore. that is a lot to change during
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overnight hours into tomorrow. clouds increasing tomorrow, chance of showers tomorrow night or periods of rain likely friday, through sunday with breaks here and there. it's going to be a period of wet weather for sure over the weekend.4ljñ low temperatures mid to upper 40s. coolest region of the bay area will be north bay valleys. lows dropping to 40 in napa. we'll see a few clouds dropping in that part of the bay area overnight as well)?u. high pressure shifting inland now. we've got an area of storms, rain gathering off shore for friday and periods of rain beyond that. partly cloudy skies developing and clouds thicken to mostly cloudy skies. and periods of rainfall into friday. going to be wet after that throughout the weekend into
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monday. friday to about 10:00 saturday morning we can see one inch of rainfall in the north bay. up to half an inch on the peninsulalvw and south bay. santa cruz mountains could see up to an inch and a half. tomorrow, afternoon, south bay looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies. about 66 in cupertino and san jose. low 60s on the coast. downtown a high of 65 tomorrow, 62 in the.[wvñ north bay distri. near east bay, 67 in oakland and union city. near monterey bay, upper 60s to about 70s in hollister, here is the accu-weather forecast. rain friday, showers, saturday. showers on sunday with breaks
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here and there. partly cloudy skies monday. a chance of showers again tuesday and rain may happen again on wednesday. we have unsettled and seasonal weather coming our way. >> behind the scenes with the model who morphed her sneefl a real barby. why she says it isn't the result of plastic surgery. >> and people magazine named its newest sexiest man alive. spencer and i were strong write in candidates. what are you laughing about? >> we know
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her spokesman says she had breast implants but attains the looks through makeup. the figure says she lives on almost liquid diet and credits mountain climbing for the physique. >> it's hard to tell which is the doll. >> i think the iz are very unusual. >> double elimination on dancing with the stars and people magazine names it's latest sexiest man alive, carol. >> every year, people magazine restreels the sexiest man alive. here is a look at the new cover featuring the star. tatum went over many hearts earlier in the year with the drama "the valve" when the 33-year-old was told about the title he says he thought it was a joke.
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>> the pop sensation may not be the sexiest man alive but madonna chose to perform with him. the icon says she's a big fan. this week, was all about a double elimination, that went to the stars. >> i thought -- it's like in every show. and our fans are amazing. >> i've got to have to talk to my daughter tonight. >> but the show must go on. it returns monday night here on abc. for interviews go to >> i can't believe gil got the boot. >> yes. still to come at 4:00 a way to shop this holiday season. how google maps is lending a hand.
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>> and convenience store owners accused of stealing
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bhap. mansy pelosi wants to stay on as house democratic leader announcing she plans to submit
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her name to serve on the worst she's held since 2010. she made at announcement flanked by the female representatives, crediting women for helping to get president obama reelected. >> we move forward in weeks and months ahead our choices and decisions will be used through the1gzóç eyes of our nan women and their needs pelosi $p; win a vote in order toi retain her position. there had been oakland city leaders teamed up with local store owners to try to boost business during the holiday season.
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abc 7 news's nick smith has a look at how they're trying to entice people from big box stores, and bring them back to oakland. >> people in oakland spend about $5 billion. >> that is billion with, a b, placing oakland injt6er the topf the u.s.. surrounded by small business owners this is the kick jf for shop oakland grown. committed to consumer purchasing power. >> we generated 5200 new jobs. the unemployment is down over 3%. and... retail shopping is up in terms of sales tax. >> there is a problem, the offer faels when free parking is offered up the+ f street.
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>> what do you say? >> we#c spotted ra moma. she says she's turned off by crowds and appreciates the flavor of the small shops.. >> when they approach you you come into the shop, it's an intimate experience. >> it's neat to be able to know the person. >> lor yetta knows the money is good for business and oakland. her boutique as everything covered from top to bottom. oakland crime rate and police department struggle to catch those responsible, front page news in the weekly. she believes shoppers tax dollars can put police on the streets. >> andgws there are challenges and a lot of people want change and want to move forward. >> change that the mayor believe starts once transaction at a time. you can now map out shopping.
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google maps will update the map feature to includejfñ store plans for floors. >> interesting. >> two new york convenience store owners accused of stealing a $5 million lottery ticket are maintaining their innocence, andy ashcar claims he bought the ticket in 2006 and his family's store. but waited six years to cash it with his brother because he was worried the money would negatively affect his engagement. officials got sus spishus, launching a media campaign to find the person they say was the winner thorkts say that person is a 49-year-old man who they claim was swindled out of the ticket by ashcar. they say ashcar told the man he won 5,000s skpdz offered to pay $4,000 on the spot to avoid taxs.. >> so it was a five and a bunch of zeroes.
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he trusted the person that sold him the ticket for six years he lived a pedestrian live, struggling, and working hard. i would be just thrilled to death to see his live changed around. >> if convicted the 34-year-old could face up to 25 years in prison. >> and another major recall today by toyota, recalling nearly 2.8 million vehicles because of a defect that could cause bulky steering. so far there are no reports of any accidents. toyota announced it's recalling 10,000 cars because of pump problems and plans to notify owners next month. this is the third recall in the last two months. >> new developments today in that sex scandal captivating the nation. the army announced it's suspended paula broadwell's
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security clearance and the director of the fbi speaks to members on intelligence committees.. >> we're safer because of the work that dave petraeus has done. my hope now is that he and his family are able to move on. for the first time today on the sex scandal capturing nation attention and forced david petraeus to resign as director of the cia after admitting to affair with his biographer. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i've seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had negative impact on national security. >> another reexpected four star general got a vote of confidence from a secretary of ñ5 accused of exchanging po tern shallly
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classified exmails.. >> has my finned confidence to lead forces.. >> but the military didn't pull punch was kelly while under investigation, revoking her special access in tampa where she was allowed to walk around without a military escort. and overnight, broadwell seen sipping a glass of wine. an officer is suspected of storing confidential material at her home home, and could face prosecution. this afternoon on capitol hill, fbi director robert mueller greets members of the intelligence committee. >> the president says hopes the affair will end up being just a blip on the otherwise exyemp particulary career of david petraeus. >> how technology could be the key to quitting smoking. >> plus a drug to make men more faithful? >> and unusual new study that
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makes it possible. today's 7 on your side q and a is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me right now on faceboo finney >> clear skies now and this may not last lo
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checking healthy living news, a warning about a drug widely use against breast cancer the side affects could be worse than previously thought for older patients. researchers say heart failure and damage to the muscle are common complications. occurring in higher rates than ñ(curring in higher rates than the study is in the journal of the american college of cardiology. >> an usual way men faithful in relationships a study as a nasal spray. researchers say women given a e÷ say those men were more likely to keep a greater bem selfs and women they didn't know. doctors say it has been identified as5fqsm a key factorn fidelity in animals and appears to play a similar role in humans.. >> text and video messages
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designed to help people stop smoking nearly doubled their success researchers found about 10% of the would be quitters made it without cigarettes for six months when encouraged through cell phone messages compared to 5% who did it alone z quit lines offering free counseling with a live person, officials say the lines get 14% of the quitters to succeed. >> a cable car hits the streets of san francisco today. number 26 full of officials and workers. it was built back in 1890. it took two years to get it looking new again. not an easy task considering these cars were built with a life span of just speck yaids. muni will be making runs on the line. >> let's get one more check of
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the forecast now. >> okay. we'll start with a look at natural conditions tomorrow, nice, sunny skies and mild. on the coast we'll see lots of showers scattered along the gulf coast. out west a mixed bag. dry spots, showers. we'll see showers to our south moving up towards the bay area today. and it will be mild over state tomorrow, we'll expect mild conditions tomorrow as well. high temperatures into 60s tomorrow, mid to upper 60s for the most part. low 60s on the coast. and in our inland locations, and therng tomorrow night into friday we'll see wet patterns developing gooding to settle in for the weekend. about four days, friday, through monday, we can expect periods of rainfall. it's going to be wet off and on. >> the weekend?
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>> yes. >> so enjoy tomorrow. >> it will be great over the weekend. >> from hangover to academy awards? >> the buzz around bradley cooper's new ix8cqw up with his review. >> prop 30 passed but what does that mean for taxes this year? >> hi there, i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 rain on the way could spell trouble for the daily city neighborhood soaked by a water main break. there is a race to shore up a hillside before the storm moves in and creates possible landslides. the desperate search to find a dog stolen from a home on the peninsula. a important companion for a young woman with
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michael finney is here now to answer questions you sent to him and the first one comes from amy s, asking will taxes be affect bid prop 30 for 2012? >> this is going to shock a lot of people. you assume when you pass any law, any bill, any idea, that it's going to kick in i year later. not this one. this one kicks in this year. it goes retro as a matter of fact the bad news. good news you have to make
4:46 pm
$500,000 before it affects you. but for those who make that kind of money you're talking about a sliding scale you'll go up from 9.5% state tax alone, up to 12.3%. it hits this year. >> to 11 taxes? >> interesting. >> yes. >> 2012. >> yes. >> so i'm glad we got that covered. >> have you heard of airline law that's might limit the number of babies or infants on a flight? >> paul, you had one of those flights surrounded by babies? there are no laws on this. some airlines restrict this. not only do they not allow children in the emergency aisle but ones before and after. some airlines now saying only one baby per row. so you don't have a bunch of
4:47 pm
babies but there no laws that i know of. there is=9z nothing -- they're pressured not to have laws.. >> lourdes exmail candidate a consumer opt out of paying for healthy san francisco charge when it's added on a restaurant bill? it's not fair to those who do not live in the city its not really true.
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>> in theaters on friday is the film silver lining play book. it's a long haul from "the hangover". we're calling it one of the best pictures of the year. sheert review on the aisle.2p
4:49 pm
you may see the ending coming and more than a few people had tears in their eyes. there are unanswered questions
4:50 pm
but maybe that is the way it's supposed to be. the it is a surprise and one of the best pictures of the year. i give it almost a full bucket. >> just ahead, encouraging kids to jump into science ask technology. a special anniversary for a bay area program designed to make a difference. >> the punishment for a woman accused of driving on the sidewalk to get her on the bus and why today the budge says it may not have been tough. >> here is a look at what is ahead on world news. >> hello. tonight on world news we'll tell you about the president's first press conference and reelection. more on what he said about the petraeus scandal. what he thinks is the biggest message being sent by voters. also, made in america tonight. it is possible corporate giant could take your idea and have it made in china then sell it in their stores? our made in america detective
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driving on the sidewalk past a stop school bus, it's punishment today. >> sheena harden back today holding the sign reading only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. a judge chose that unique punishment after harden was videotaped zooming past a stopped school bus on the sidewalk and she was doing this day after day. today harden remains defiant refusing to apologize when prodded by neighborhood residents. >> the kids just apologize to the kids for what you did. what you did was not right. you know it's not right. say i'm sorry skpb done with it. >> you're nothing.
4:55 pm
>> and today harden held a sign up most of the time she was not seen smoking or using her cell phone as she did the day before. that angered the judge considering personally supervising harden. >> that video is amazing that they'd think there is a rit to do this. >> a program to appoint high school students with future careers is marking its 10th anniversary. >> the need for the program has never been greater. by the time the students finished college, estimated 1.8 million jobs will be waiting for them with a major. >> the light is bent and trapped inside of the light. again that is what the cable does. >> brian richardson is a volunteer teacher by tech companies.
4:56 pm
the. >> the school, you never think of how you might use it in the future, you sit through class, do home work. it's home work, here i get to apply what i learned. and get insight on the future. >> they're learning about led by burning flashlights from a kit learning about teamwork and design engineering and suiting up to make wavers. >> and there is work in the future not something necessarily experience at home or school. >> 4,000 students attended the programs and goal to increase engineers. and i they showed me eight
4:57 pm
different different things. >> the foundation hopes to expand with a need for engineers growing with more global competition. >> doubling the number of programs per year is our goal. and this is because we feel we need to do more of this. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> i want to remind you about the alarm clock app. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> a san francisco city hall nudists take steps to keep their clothes off. >> clock ticking on the peninsula before the next storm arrives. i'm live from the roof and will show how much rain will
4:58 pm
fall. >> puppy love between a dog and a woman is stolen. during a burglary on the peninsula. >> it's a race against the stock tonight. engineers do all all they can to shore up a hillside before rain arrives. good evening. >> sky 7 is live over the hillside now. we're going to show you the hole resulting from the water main break. we have live team coverage on the way how it may affect the neighborhood as well as lake tahoe. ski season started early today. we're going to begin in daily city. >> this is what they've done. they put up these bales and secured it with a stake this,
4:59 pm
is a temporary measure to keep mud secure or inside of the park. crews referred to it as winterizing the hill. as soon as day height hit crews began erosion patrol. this keeps water away from the street at home. >> we're just going to try to keep it in the park. this is by having more muddy waters going down the street. >> this is the scene yesterday. mud after a water pipe broke. some cars were covered up to their wheels. residents were evacuated and were allowed back inside. the department says crews digging through mud to cleert storm drain.

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